Congress has not re-funded ACP, and the program has been discontinued. Reach out to congress HERE to tell them it's important to you.
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The Affordable Connectivity Program is a government-sponsored program that provides discounts on internet service and connected devices for households which meet certain income requirements.

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A few ways to qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program

You may already be qualified for the Affordable Connectivity Program if you, your child, or dependent participate in certain government assistance programs such as SNAP, Medicaid, WIC, or other programs.If you're participating in a low-income program based on your household income then you're already qualified!

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  • State-of-the-art 8" Whoop Tablet
  • 15 GB of Data
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  • QUAD Core CPU
Apply & QualifyWith The ACP Today!
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A growing and leading Broadband and Technology Company offering Government Subsidized products and internet connections through the Affordable Connectivity Program.

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How Do I Qualify for ACP?

Already Enrolled in any of the programs below?
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Already Enrolled in Any of the Programs Below?

SNAP Federal Pell Grant
Medicaid Section 8 Housing
National School Lunch WIC
SSI Veterans

Then you are eligible for the ACP!
(Affordable Connectivity Program)

If you would like to apply for WIC, you can get help from the USDA here Once you have been approved, return to WHOOP and complete your application to receive your FREE INTERNET & NEW TABLET offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Tax Return (state, federal or tribal)
    • Current income statement.
    • Pay stub from the employer.
    • Social Security statement of benefits.
    • Veteran's statement of benefits.
    • Unemployment or worker's compensation statement.
    • Divorce decree, child support, or similar document showing your income.
  • If your Application ID number is no longer valid, you will need to reapply on the ACP website and then contact us at 1-888-200-1076.

    If you don't respond to your ACP recertification deadline, you will lose your ACP benefit. This means that your monthly bill may increase or your free minutes will stop. In some cases, your service may even be turned off.

  • If you don't respond to your ACP recertification deadline:

    • Your monthly bill may increase.
    • Your free minutes may stop.
    • Your service may be turned off.
    • You may have to pay back any ACP benefits that you received after you were no longer eligible.
  • The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) credit is currently a long-term program. The government has committed $14 billion to this endeavor, and there is currently no end date. If you are enrolled in the ACP, you will be notified at least 30 days before the program ends. You will also be given the opportunity to reapply if you are still eligible.

  • Generally, within 10 business days of applying. If you have not heard back after 10 business days, you can contact the ACP to check on the status of your application or call 1-888-200-1076.

    Tips for increasing your chances of hearing back from the ACP quickly:

    • Make sure you provide all of the required documentation.
    • Apply online, if possible, it’s faster.
    • Since ACP is popular, it may take some time to process your application so be patient.