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Recertification Process

  • You must recertify once a year. This will be done when you signed up with ACP not necessarily when you signed up with Whoop Connect.
  • The first step, is for USAC to do an eligibility check by dipping an eligibility database (snap, Medicaid etc). If you pass the eligibility check no further action is required.
  • If you did not pass the eligibility database dip check, USAC will notify via mail you if you need to recertify. In your letter you will receive a 10-digit application ID that must be used to recertify properly
    • f the 10-digit application ID begins with K – you must recertify either by mail or online. You will need to submit proof of eligibility.
    • If 10-digit application ID begins with S (you can recertify any method). You can also call 877-384-2575. Follow prompts
  • You will have 60 days to recertify
  • You must recertify through USAC not Whoop Connect. If you have any questions please call USAC directly at 877-384-2575. If you believe you must recertify but didn’t receive a letter (with your 10 digit application ID) please contact USAC at 877-384-2575.
  • Failure to complete recertification within 60 days will result you being de-enrolled from the ACP program. Don’t worry if you are de-enrolled you can always re-apply with Whoop Connect at

Here are a few easy ways to complete the recertification process:

  • Completing the online form. This is the easiest way to recertify, and you can do it right from your computer or mobile device. You can recertify online via You should have received instructions for recertifying online in the mail from USAC. If you believe you need to recertify but did not receive a letter please contact USAC at (877) 384-2575. You will find out immediately if you passed or failed.
  • You can call USAC ACP support line at 877-384-2575 follow the prompts. You must have received a 10-digit application ID that begins with S (you can recertify any method).
  • Mail in the recertification. You can download the form at If you fail the initial automated checks you will receive a barcoded version of the ACP Recertification Form from USAC to submit via mail, but may also recertify via the other methods noted above. You will NOT receive written notice that USAC received their form after it is submitted. However, you can call the ACP Support Center at (877) 384-2575 to check the status of your application through an interactive voice response (IVR) system or the service provider can access this information via the Recertification Subscriber Status Report in NLAD. If you pass the recertification, USAC will mail a notification confirming the your continued eligibility to receive the ACP benefit shortly after the successful recertification.

The proof of eligibility you need to provide will vary depending on your circumstances.

See common types of eligibility proof documentation by clicking here

If you have any questions about the recertification process, you can contact Whoop Connect at 888-200-1076. For more information you can visit USAC.

* Note: For calendar year 2023, USAC began the recertification process in May 2023

Lifeline Program Annual Recertification Form

Every subscriber in National Verifier recertification will go through an initial automated data source check that validates the subscriber’s eligibility.

Service providers like Whoop will be able to see which subscribers are currently undergoing recertification via the Recertification Subscriber Status Report after submitting the recertification form available in National Lifeline Accountability Database (NLAD). Subscriber eligibility can’t be verified through the initial automated check will be required to complete the recertification form and may be required to provide proof of eligibility. USAC will conduct outreach to these subscribers to inform them of the recertification requirement.

Steps for the National Verifier Recertification process:

  1. USAC will notify you directly via mail if you need to recertify
  2. If you cannot be verified through the initial automated check, you will be sent a recertification form to complete.
  3. The National verifier will review your recertification information and determine if you pass or fail your recertification.
  4. Methods to recertify
    • Mail – you will be notified via mail if you passed or failed your recertification process.
    • Phone – you will find out immediately
    • Online – you will find out immediately

Don’t fret if you forgot to recertify and have been de-enrolled from the ACP program - you can re-apply with us!

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