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Authorized ACP Provider

Whoop Connect has emerged as a frontrunner ACP Provider. Whoop Connect's dedication to making high-speed internet accessible to underserved communities has set a commendable precedent where affordable connectivity (ACP) is concerned. Through a strategic blend of innovative solutions, and partnerships with our government, Whoop Connect is ensuring individuals and families across our nation can connect to the Internet without the burden of exorbitant costs as a top-level government ACP Provider. Whoop Connect’s user-friendly Android tablets and dedicated customer support are empowering communities with the tools and free wireless access they need to thrive in a digital society.

What truly sets Whoop Connect apart is its holistic approach to wireless connectivity. As an authorized ACP Provider, Whoop Connect recognizes that simply providing affordable internet access is not enough. Whoop Connect goes the extra mile by offering digital literacy programs and support services, ensuring that all users can maximize the benefits of their newfound connectivity.

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FCC Affordable Connectivity Program Helping Households Connect

Official ACP Provider

By leading the way as an official ACP Provider, Whoop Connect is not only facilitating access to the Internet but also fostering digital inclusion, education, and empowerment, thus playing a pivotal role in shaping a more equitable and connected future for all.

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